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I conduct ‘customised consultative training’ for both marketing and sales people. A crash course in the essentials, my training starts with interviews of attendees and is tailor-made to:

Your industry Your team level of knowledge
Your company (and competitors!) Your business objectives

Marketing Training

Some of the modules that I cover are:

The History & Future of Digital
Top Digital Trends You Need to Know
The Online Advertising Landscape
Display Masterclass
Search and You Will Find
Tracking & Measuring
The Social Media Phenomenon & Cases
Emerging Media
Digital Creativity [Custom modules on request]

Sales Training
My sales training is individual and involves coaching the person as well as addressing the greater challenges faced by a sales team. For example, for objection-handling, I recommend the following approach: .
  1. Taking stock of common objections
  2. Applying effective techniques
  3. Formulating effective responses
  4. Ensuring consistent training across the team
  5. Allowing sales people to apply and practice
  6. Establishing process to ensure integration of new objections

. Recommendation

" I asked Sharon to put together a 2-day 101 course on Digital Marketing for my team of Microsoft OEM EMEA Marketing Managers. I was very impressed by Sharon's professional approach to the preparation phase as she was very thorough in making sure she understood the level and needs of the individual attendees so she could customize the content and delivery to match the audience perfectly. She totally blew us away - what was meant as a 101 turned out to be a Master Class, and the evaluations were through the roof.

It was truly a great experience of widening our intellectual and professional horizons. The combination of Sharon's experience, professionalism, deep subject matter expertise, and competent delivery was brilliant, and I am proud to whole-heartedly recommend her services to anyone else with a desire to master the ins & outs of Digital Media and Marketing."

Soren Lau, Global OEM Marketing Director, Microsoft