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My strategic consultancy mostly focusses on 3 key areas:

Sicial media
1. Social Media Strategy

This involves delivering a strategy to helping a company to reach its business objectives using social media. This involves around the creation, stimulation and optimisation of community (and not just having a page on Facebook).

Publishing Sales Optimisation
2. Publisher Sales Optimisation

Here I conduct an audit using a template focusing on all key areas of a publisher’s business looking at the front end (the site), the back-end (processes and
measurement) and the middle (the people – both sales people and customers).

Publisher Custom Solutions Capabilities
3. Publisher Custom Solutions Capability

Using my commercial sales experience, combined with my technical experience,
I help publishers implement the capability for custom solutions end-to-end. This ranges from the back-office processes to the front end pitching and solutions definition. I successfully did this at Microsoft (pan-regionally) and CondéNast.

. Recommendations

“Sharon is extremely professional and she has a deep understanding of the digital market. She has been a consultant for Condé Nast Digital for a year and in that capacity she has led the reorganization of the entire sales team, the hiring of new sales professionals, internal training and improvement of sales processes. She also has been supporting the Country Manager and the Commercial Director in the development of the sales strategy and the internal workflow to support different revenue streams.

With her leadership and her hard work she has actively contributed to the success of the entire organization. Great team player, she has been a highly valued member of our team and I would highly recommend her to those companies who are looking for innovative and effective solutions in the digital arena.”

Emanuela Pignataro, Country Manager, CondéNet UK

“Sharon has "It". She gets it, she knows it, she makes it happen. During her time at MSN managing the Fox account, she showed tenacity, patience, and willingness to work hard to manage very complex projects to successful conclusions. She lives and breathes the digital space, and even the most stubborn of luddites cannot resist her passion for the medium, and her charming demeanor.

I so appreciate Sharon for all she has helped us achieve in the digital space, and look forward to working with her again.”

Bettina Sherick, VP, Intl Digital Marketing, 20th Century Fox International

“In Jan '09, I had to pleasure to work with Sharon. I can highly recommend her consulting work. Her knowledge of the interactive ad marketplace is second to none and her ability to quickly "get" the brief and move forward made my life so much easier. I look forward to working with her again.”

Andy Sims, Skype